Name: ConiferRob
Company: Simtech Systems
Last release: ConiferRob
Sector: Industrial robot simulation software.


Conifer Rob is a precision tool that fills the process gap between machining path generation system (such as a CAD system) and the industrial robot running the machining program. With the help of Conifer Rob one can quickly and safely convert and move the machining program in *.apt format into the robot for execution. With the help of Conifer Rob the positioning of the work piece can be easily designed. Reachability analysis allows identifying problems in the positioning and ensuring that selected positioning a functioning one. Conifer Rob converts the imported machining path into a robot program and optimises the program for optimum accuracy and reachability. Conifer Rob also supports doing manual corrections to the machining path. Finally, the animation and collision detection features in Conifer Rob support checking the robot program for safety before pushing the robot program into execution.

Conifer Rob can help you in:
- Converting machining path into a robot program
- Optimising robot program
- Designing the positioning of the work piece in the robot cell
- Ensuring safety of the generated robot program
- Correcting problems in generated robot program


Description Files
Conifer Rob 1.4 User Manual PDF Document

Demonstration material

Description Files
Conifer Rob Windows XP/Vista DEMO (32bit)).
The demo has following limitations:
  • Modifying paths manually is disabled
  • Collision detection is disabled
  • Robot velocity settings cannot be configured
  • Loading positioning data directly from robot is disabled
  • Importing positioning files (*.pos) is disabled
  • Maximum single robot program module size is limited to 1000 steps
  • Forcing visiting home position between robot program modules is disabled
  • Optimizing work speed at path corners is disabled
  • Installer
    Miscellaneous Picture (ConiferRob screenshot)
    Picture (ConiferRob screenshot)
    Picture (ConiferRob screenshot)
    Picture (ConiferRob screenshot)
    Video about using Conifer Rob postprocessing (7Mb)
    Picture (ABB robot used in making moulds)


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