Name: FLOW-3D
Company: Flow Science Inc.
Last release: FLOW-3D 9.4
Leader sector: Fluids dynamic simulations.
Official web site:

The excellence in fluid dynamic studies, with performances at the greatest level for transient, free surface flows, and from the latest release even with free moving objects, with motion fully coupled with the fluid and collisions! It is a real CFD software, that solves Navier-Stokes equations more than simplified models (that are anyway available).

This software is entirely produced by Flow Science, society born from Los Alamos Laboratories and whose founder is Dr. Hirt, inventor of the VOF numerical method, one of the best algorithm for fluid free surface tracking. With the years the traditional VOF has evolved in the incomparable TruVOF, absolutely the best for accuracy and performances.

The code is totally "general purpose", and it has a great variety of physical models, in order to get the solution of any physical problem. Every special model can be activated simultaneously to any other, running truly multi-disciplinary problems in a unique calculation.

Born for aerospace industry (as sloshing analysis) is today used for any other application field: hydraulics/environmental, consumer products, ink jet printers, foundry, coating, maritime, till the latest modern applications such as biomedical and MEMS.

The biggest unique characteristics are the already mentioned TruVOF , the cartesian mesh (that gives the user the ability to a very quick setup) and the FAVOR (a special algorithm for object surface treatment). These three ingredients have permitted in with the years to develop effectively new algorithms, first of all and absolutely unique in this field is the ability to have free moving objects, with collisions and frictions! Now, in a fluid flow, it is possible to have complex geometries that moves dynamically with the fluid, with free coupled motion (up to the all six degrees of freedom). Latest news is the ability to treat collision between more free objects, with a user definable elastic coefficient, and frictions with walls.

In this way the user can simulate for example the dynamics of a free boat , its angles (pitch, roll and yaw), for steady or transient solutions. Everything this with years of experience and validations, and with these features natively included in the user interface without the need to any customization! On more, with the software is included a post-processor very powerful, that permits the user to do analysis on simulations without feeling the need to any specific software.

The excellence for CFD simulation, transient problems, free surface, and with free objects dynamically in motion in the domain!
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