Name: FLOW-3D Cast
Company: FlowScience Inc.
Last release: FLOW-3D Cast
Sector: Casting process simulation


FLOW-3D Cast® is the best tool for casting process simulation. The FLOW-3D Cast® combines the easy to use user interface with the powerful solver of the FLOW-3D. The result is easy to use tool for practical problem solving simulations in foundries with highly accurate solution for modelling vast variety of demanding casting simulation problems.

The FLOW-3D® Cast user interface was initially developed with name Conifer Cast in the Technical Research Centre of Finland ( ) and later development continued in Simtech Systems Inc. Starting from 2009-01-01 the name of the product is FLOW-3D® Cast and it is part of the FlowScience Inc. product portfolio.

In FLOW-3D® Cast operations such as the choice of models, mesh, and importing geometries, are simplified to the highest level, in order to give to the foundry operator the possibility to set-up and run correctly all kinds of simulations.

Internal post-processing has been optimized for getting practical every-day foundry use to allow users easily to observe and understand the simulation results.

The software has been fully translated in many languages and is distributed in four different versions, depending on the process that the user wants to simulate:

FLOW-3D Cast® Basic: The standard version to use for simulating basic casting processes.
FLOW-3D Cast® Extended: Ideal for users that are used to deal with wide variety of casting processes.
FLOW-3D Cast® Advanced: Has built in all the FLOW-3D physical models, and can simulate every foundry process.

FLOW-3D Cast® is the optimal solution for foundries, combining all the best elements: the FLOW-3D core, an highly specialized and at the same time easy interface, it doesn't require many special knowledge in numerical simulations, in your language!


FLOW-3D Cast®
FLOW-3D Cast®
FLOW-3D Cast®
Up to 5 mesh blocksincludedincludedincluded
One incompressible fluid includedincludedincluded
Constant viscosity includedincludedincluded
Surface defects includedincludedincluded
Heat transfer includedincludedincluded
Spin casting & tilt pour includedincludedincluded
Mass & momentum sources includedincludedincluded
Solidification/shrinkage porosity includedincludedincluded
Micro-porosity includedincludedincluded
Natural convection includedincludedincluded
Limited compressibility includedincludedincluded
Turbulence models includedincludedincluded
Air entrainment includedincludedincluded
Surface defects includedincludedincluded
Heat sources/sinksincludedincludedincluded
Mass and marker particlesincludedincludedincluded
No Multiblock limitationxincludedincluded
General bubble modelsxincludedincluded
Thermal die cycling xincludedincluded
Moving pistons xincludedincluded
Trapped gas with gas vents xincludedincluded
Filters with resistance xincludedincluded
Comprehensive porous-media options xincludedincluded
Lost foam casting xincludedincluded
Surface tensionxincludedincluded
Non-Newtonian viscosity xxincluded
Two incompressible fluids xxincluded
Prediction of cavitation potential xxincluded
Compressible flow xxincluded
General moving obstacles xxincluded
Highly viscous flows xxincluded
Shear thinning/thickening xxincluded
Thixotropic flow xxincluded
Viscous heating xxincluded
Fluid heat sources xxincluded


Description Files
FLOW-3D® Cast Windows XP/Vista DEMO (32bit)).
Does not contain solver.


Description Files
User Manual of FLOW-3D® Cast 3.2 (PDF) PDF Document
New features in Conifer Cast 2.5.0 (PDF) PDF Document
New features in Conifer Cast 2.6.0 (PDF) PDF Document
New features in Conifer Cast 2.6.1 (PDF) PDF Document
New features in Conifer Cast 3.0.0 (PDF) PDF Document
New features in FLOW-3D® Cast 3.1.1 (PDF) PDF Document
Limited version feature restrictions (PDF) PDF Document
Problem solving FAQ (PDF) PDF Document
FLOW-3D Cast Training Material (short) ZIP archive
FLOW-3D Cast Training Material (long) ZIP archive
Features Leaflet (PDF) PDF Document

Demonstration material

Description Files
Training 1, postprocessing solidification ZIP archive containing a PDF and *.SPF document (1.5MB)
Training 2, postprocessing filling ZIP archive containing a PDF and *.SPF document (1.9MB)
Fountain FLOW-3D® Cast document file (26Kb, no simulation results)
Video about results(29Mb)
Video about postprocessing (7Mb)
Picture about results
Tilt pouring FLOW-3D® Cast document file (5Mb)
FLOW-3D® Cast animation plots document file (16Mb)
Video about results(5Mb)
Gravity Casting Video about results(5Mb)
Small filling simulation Video about starting simulation(11Mb)
Video about postprocessing (5Mb)
Cooling channels FLOW-3D Cast® document file (11Mb)
FLOW-3D Cast® document file (11Mb)
PDF Document (5Mb)
Picture about results
Picture about meshing
Gravity filling Video about starting simulation(11Mb)
Video about postprocessing (5Mb)
Hot cracking FLOW-3D Cast® simulation document (6Mb)
Results picture
Results picture
Sand core blowing FLOW-3D Cast® simulation document (240KB)
Simple solidification case FLOW-3D Cast® simulation document (2Mb)
Tixotrophic materials PDF Presentation
Low pressure die casting FLOW-3D Cast® simulation document (8MB)
AVI video (4.5MB)
Lost foam process FLOW-3D Cast® simulation document (48KB)
AVI video (encoded with XVid MPEG4 Codec) (1.0MB)
AVI video (encoded with XVid MPEG4 Codec) (1.0MB)


If you have problems with Conifer Cast® (versions 1.0 to 3.0) please send email to .

If you have problems with FLOW-3D Cast® please send email to .

Licensed Users Area

Restricted FLOW-3D® Cast material for licensed users can be found from FLOW-3D® Cast licensed user area .

Restricted material for the old Conifer Cast versions can be found from Conifer Cast licensed user area .

Username and password is required. If you are a licensed user but do not have an username and password please contact and we will provide you one.

AVI Animation [1]
AVI Animation [2]