FLOW-3D® Cast is a casting process simulation software. It combines easy to use and powerfull user interface specifically designed for foundary use with the powerful solver capabilities of the FLOW-3D®. It is distributed in four different versions, depending on the casting process the user wants to simulate.
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Conifer Rob is a precision tool that fills the process gap between machining path generation system (such as a CAD system) and the industrial robot running the machining program. [Click here] for a complete description of the software

Simtech Systems Inc. is a FLOW-3D® representative in Scandinavia, Finland and Iceland

Simtech Systems Inc. wins the IRC network awards for innovation 2005

January 2010

FLOW-3D Cast 3.2 is Released. See FLOW-3D Cast product pages for more information.

December 2009

FLOW-3D 9.4 has been released by FlowScience Inc. For more details see news in www.flow3d.com

October 2009

FLOW-3D Cast is in Tokyo 30.10.2009. See this link for more information.